Photos: Copyright 2017 Tracie Van Auken. Courtesy of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.


We Won!

Chosen from 200+ communities across the country, Chelsea is one of eight winners of the 2017 Culture of Health Prize awarded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The Prize honors communities for their unwavering, innovative and collaborative efforts to ensure all residents have the opportunity to live healthier lives.

Chelsea's award winning efforts include: tackling public health issues such as air pollution, obesity, substance use, violence, trauma and homelessness, reducing diesel emissions, collaborating to open up the city’s waterfrontengaging and empowering the city’s youth in environmental and food justice projectsproviding services to the city’s most vulnerable, and ensuring Chelsea is a welcoming community for all.

Together, GreenRoots and the MGH Chelsea HealthCenter submitted a strong and competitive application highlighting all of the powerful, life-changing and collective work of many in our community.  

GreenRoots is proud of its contributions recognized by this prestigious award and we look forward to building an even stronger culture of health with our community.

To watch out interview with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, click here you can find us at the 28:49 minute mark.