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The Environmental Chelsea Organizers (ECO) is hiring! Application are due Thursday, January 25, 2018 at 5:00 pm. You can apply at or you can obtain an application in person at our office.

Youth ages 14-15 who are Chelsea residents and currently attending school are eligible to apply.

Visit us at 227 Marginal Street Ste 1, Chelsea MA 02150. 

GreenRoots, Eastie Looking to Restore Cross Creek Partnership

Chelsea Record by Seth Daniels

Chelsea GreenRoots is leading the way in jump-starting a renewal of Chelsea-Eastie activism on the Chelsea Creek – sending out teams to help build up momentum on the Eastie side for Creek activism.

GreenRoots Director Roseann Bongiovanni said the organization began trying to revitalize the interest in Eastie back in August after getting a grant to do some organizing.

“We can only be more powerful with one voice like we were in the past,” she said. “Overall, since we started, folks have been receptive because they know this is for East Boston residents and will be led by East Boston residents. It goes back to the holistic look at the Chelsea Creek on the East Boston and Chelsea side.”

For many years, the former Chelsea GreenSpace and the Eastie Neighborhood of Affordable Housing (NOAH) combined efforts to form the Chelsea Creek Action Group – or CCAG. Together, that group fought of what they believed to be environmental threats to the Creek, including a power plant, CAD cells buried in the riverbed, and the Hess tank removal. They also advocated successfully for the Urban Wild location on the Eastie side, and held social events like the River Revel.

However, about two years ago, a lot of the leadership in Eastie shifted to other matters and concerns in the neighborhood, leaving Chelsea holding up one side of the Creek.

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ECO Youth Crew Organizes Chelsea Creek Youth Assembly

Chelsea Record

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GreenRoots’ Environmental Chelsea Organizers (ECO) Youth Crew engaged more than 100 youths from Chelsea to come together to envision the future of the Chelsea Creek last month. “The City of Chelsea will be working towards a plan for our waterfront which will be designed and promoted throughout the city,” stated ECO organizer Shakeya Perkins, “and this plan may involve many voices from Chelsea, but ECO’s concern was about the youth.” ECO wants the youth of Chelsea to be able to have their input into this plan, especially those who live in the adjacent waterfront neighborhoods. In order to ensure the youth’s engagement, ECO devoted time into organizing their first event called the Chelsea Creek Youth Assembly, which occurred on Nov. 10 at the GreenRoots HQ.

ECO Organizer Abraham Moreira told the participants, “We organized this to get your ideas to present them to the City Manager to let him know what Chelsea youth want for the future of our city.” The day began after lunch with youth piling into the GreenRoots’ office, chatting away and eager for the day’s activities. Shortly thereafter ECO gave an environmental justice presentation to their peers, encouraging them to chant “Who’s Creek? Our Creek!” in order to kick off the day. Workshops began afterward through which the youth were able to learn about their Creek and envision what they want to see on it with the help of Dan and Marie Adams, from the Landing Studios, and Emma Hahn, a landscape architect from Green City Growers.

About 100 youths attended and were all able to take ownership of their Creek and design how and what they would like to see on the waterfront in the immediate near future. ECO organizer Stephanie Alvarado stated, “Youth are not the future, we are the present, so our voices must be heard.”

The youth participants were also able to participate in many other activities such as Art with Activism led by Chelsea artist Silvia Lopez Chavez, in which they were able to create signs that will be displayed on fences around the city as a beautification project. Another activity was the compost station where the youth learned about worm bins and how to create their own at home. The final activity involved the New England Aquarium where the youth were able to see what kind of marine life live in the Chelsea Creek. That marine life included things like horseshoe crabs, hermit crabs and mussels.

During the last hour of the assembly, ECO showed the movie “The North Pole” to show how gentrification affects people in Chelsea and how people should come together to fight injustice. For more information on this Assembly and other ECO activities, please contact the youth organizers directly at (617)466-3076 or via email at com.