GreenRoots works to achieve environmental justice and greater quality of life through collective action, unity, education and youth leadership across neighborhoods and communities.

GreenRoots is a community-based organization dedicated to improving and enhancing the urban environment and public health in Chelsea and surrounding communities. We do so through deep community engagement and empowerment, youth leadership and implementation of innovative projects and campaigns.   


A track record for EJ & public health wins

GreenRoots, Inc., is a community-based organization with a 20+ year track record of achieving significant environmental justice accomplishments and public health victories. GreenRoots previously operated under the umbrella of the Chelsea Collaborative, Inc. (the Collaborative) as a grassroots community committee known as the Chelsea Green Space Committee. In April 2016, the Collaborative’s Board of Directors and Green Space members decided to deepen our impact in the community by launching an independent organization with broad reaches into the myriad environmental and public health threats in our community. 
Over the past twenty years, GreenRoots has restored more than two acres of urban salt marsh, created new parks, advocated and oversaw the development of waterfront walkways, educational signage and public access to the water’s edge. We have also implemented numerous initiatives to improve the surface water quality of the Chelsea Creek; and have ensured businesses and adjacent municipalities implement best management practices to improve water quality and to reduce environmental and public health burdens on the adjacent communities. In addition, with our partners in East Boston, GreenRoots led a multi-stakeholder process in 2002 that led to the development of the Chelsea Creek Community Vision Plan. Through this process, the community had the opportunity to think creatively about the waterfront. We have implemented much of that vision and continue to seek additional opportunities to fulfill the plan's goals.